Wont be posting

School is starting and I will not be posting as much. I will probally be posting on Saturday, Sunday and Friday. If I dont have a lot of homework I might be able to post on Weekdays.

                             See Ya!

Yanks Loose

Well… the Yanks lost 😦 … BUT THEY WILL WIN TODAY!!!!!   Also try to NEVER EVER forget your password. I forgot mine and they emailed me a jumbled leter number combanation. So just remember that. Also keep up the comments!!!!

P.S. This is not the password but heres a example.

W3Rh%jhj$%      Now isn’t that hard to type in!!



Yanks Win Series

Well Im back and I checked Yankees.com and the Yanks won! And the awsomest (if that is a word) thing is that the Yanks won every game of the series against the O’s!!!!!!!



Party! Party!


Just Some News

Well Derek Jeter got his 2,500 HIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It was on Fridat night against the Orioles… and this was the scariest part. It came this close | |   That close to orioles second baseman Brian Roberts glove! That means he is in the 2,500 hit club with Yankees legends like Babe Ruth and Lou Gehrig! Here is What Jeter had to say

                               I just try to be consistent,”. “Year in and year out, [I] try to be consistent and help the team win, and if you play long enough, then some of those things are attainable.”



Well not much more too be said. Luckilly Joba is pitching fine again. Giambi’s 2 run homer was nice. Well I just checked on  http://newyork.yankees.mlb.com/index.jsp?c_id=nyy

and the Yanks are playing again so I will keep posting as the game progresses.


Game used Memoribilia

Hey guys i’m back and ready to blog! Luckily my mouth feels better :). I’m going to post about my jersey cards. The first one is a Mike Piazza 04/145 Sorry that it’s sideways. 

Heres the second. It’s a Mariona Rivera (Go Yanks!) Not numbered card.



And heres the third! (the best looking one) I pulled this card three days ago out of 2008 Allen and Ginter. I’ts a Garret Anderson not numbered.

And thats all! Oh wait theres one more card to show you. I pulled this card today! Its a Tim Hudson refractor numbered 05/559. I’ts a pretty nice card!

   And now thats all! So I hope you enjoyed my post!


Also theres something weird going on with the typing. ??? But this post is fine.














Joba Chamberlain

Joba.jpgJoba is almost ready to begin throwing again! He has been working out in the Yankees facilities in Tampa, Florida.

I made the suggestion that he just wait until Friday when we get home, so he’s in front of us,” Manager Joe Girardi said. Lets all hope on Friday that Joba pitches well!